Lovely words

“The First Minister of OZ Whisky, Dom Roskrow… Let us never forget that YOU are the man who first drew my gaze to antipodean potential, and deserve recognition of this fact. Not just for me, but for so many.”

Sam Simmons, Head of Whisky, Atom Brands


“Good to hear that something is rising from the ashes of the Wizards. I think what is different and attractive about what you do, is that it’s not about giving out awards for cash. This is peer review stuff, so hugely important as most distilleries work in a bubble. So feedback and awards from a credible source is fantastic.”

Peter Mulryan, CEO, Blackwater Distillery, Ireland


“We really appreciate all your efforts for the whisky industry as a whole and us in particular.”

Patrick Zuidam, Zuidam Distillery, The Netherlands


“It was you who introduced me to Australian whisky way back in 2013 at the Birmingham Whisky Festival. You were waving g the flag for it and you still are. Your enthusiasm this morning was fantastic to see!”

Dave Worthington, Global Brand Ambassador, That Boutiquey Whisky Company


“Good to hear that because of all of us you are keeping the Wizards in a new version, it will be good to have you leading such a good awards event . You have taken your Awards to a different level, you have gained and maintained the full respect from the craft industry for years now and I am sure I speak for the whole industry when I say that we would love you to keep going. We’re very much looking o welcoming you to our little distillery where the magic of our products come alive every day.”

Monica Zuidam-Tapias, Zuidam Distillery, Netherlands


“Maaaaate!!! You have been along from the beginning. You really get what we’re all about.”

Tim Duckett, Heartwood and Tasmanian Independent Bottlers